Our Vision

The idea and vision of North Epirotic Federation of America is to be able to bring together all those who fight and want to contribute to Northern Epirus, Humanity, and Hellenism. The Greeks of the northern Epirus need to feel and live like Greeks.

Only through a mass movement for vindication will we be able to produce results and leave a better world behind us. The history of the northern Epirus is long and bloodshed with the blood of Greeks. We have a sacred obligation to disseminate the tradition and history of our country to future generations.

Bringing even those who are not related to Northern Epirus together, because the history of our place is a big part of the history of Greece and is all about Hellenism.

We invite all clubs associated with Northern Epirus to join us and all together to achieve more.

North Epirus, Hellas, Hellenism