Expatriated Greeks, Federation, and Northern Epirus

October 30, 20192 MinutesIn News

On our mission to North Epirus we realized that all the Greeks knew about the creation of the North Epirotic Federation of America based in New York and that they lived it as a vision that they wanted to complete for decades, which made it thru all difficulties and now have direct representatives of the people living in North Epirus and feel all the injustices of a barbaric regime that does not respect the Greek National Minority. All Northern Epirots know that they are indigenous people, they belong to the Indigenous Peoples as defined by their Declaration of Rights in the United Nations from 2007. And they see that the Federation of America will fight in this direction too, to strengthen in practical level of their rights. So we saw with great joy on their faces. Because they have learned that there is now another body capable of protecting them and telling it to everyone, and especially to the United Nations. In this way, the North Epirus acquires another dimension at the international level that goes far beyond the bilateral level, which encapsulates many efforts that do not have the proper scope. The Northern Epirots deserve to have a Federation that represents them with no phobias or dependencies. The North Epirotic Federation of America is already a benchmark for locals because they know that Albania cannot influence the US. As a result, classic propaganda tools cannot work. Thus the Northern Epirots see in the most tangible way that they are now able to protect themselves with a strong ally that is naturally resilient.

Source : Lygeros.org