Born of North Epirotic Federation of America. New York, 10/12/2019 – Nikos Lygeros speech.

We live in historical moments, we need time to understand it and in the time we live we do not understand that it is historical. What we are producing here right now with the birth of this Federation, thanks to people who did what should have been done but eventually became just now and they themselves do not understand how great it is to do something no one else has done before.And why I say this, because we are now producing a memory of the future, that is, we will now remember what happened today and it is the start of a different struggle that is not just that we will follow what one or the other government is saying.A federation is made to be independent and able to produce a work without being affected, so that it can influence other situations itself. And also to know that other states can use the Federation’s data so that they can say okay we didn’t do it, but of course in the end they will happily say you did. Federations are more flexible than states, so at the level of strategy and diplomacy it is of utmost importance. For the Northern Epirus we often hear what Greece says, what Albania says and rarely do we hear what the Northern Epirus says.I think that here the Federation will be dedicated to this purpose and so that Northern Epirots can express themselves not in a neutral way, in an energetic way so that they can then say what is really going on. Because others have said it, and I’m glad you said it, I’m glad to see that you have generalized that there are problems in other areas of Hellenism, I’ll just tell you, those who talk to me about the Cyprus issue if they haven’t gone to Cyprus don’t listen to them,those who talk to me about the Occupied Cyprus and have never gone to the Occupied again I do not hear them because they are simply repeating what they have heard from others. You have lived here, you know exactly what has happened and it is important to have an opinion.What we see is that we do not use the Greek national minority very much and even in Greece, because the proselytes have said it, there are many who think that we are only a minority and do not know that being a national minority and because the Laconians did not say so. and it was good to be told in this way, i remind you that raising the flag at a national holiday in albania is allowed to the national minority, it is not strange,it is exactly what is allowed institutionally. And the weird thing about it, as you know, is that those who don’t know it think they have something to do with other minorities that we see in Greece too, so they make comparisons that have nothing to do with it. So it is time now for a Federation to put things in place, to be able to actively deal with these issues, to form alliances with other Federations and we have lived them together, because this is of the utmost importance. We do not need to be alone; we must be in an alliance, but there must be respect.A respect for the subject because we sometimes end up being second class in various places, I say it here when we are close to the United Nations. We will be very pleased to see the Federation produce work in the United Nations without being influenced by anyone and produce events that will mark the history of this Hellenism. And I conclude by saying that some of you may be used to hearing about Northern Epirus and wondering what to do. The goal is very simple, it is freedom, it has no other compromise.We can say this in different ways at the diplomatic level, but the strategy needs to be clear. You can’t force people who are Greek to be Greek anymore. And why I think the Federation attaches great importance to this project, because I will tell you something very simple that we have in strategy when someone makes a mistake in a non-threatening place, they don’t mind why they can do it again, in a risky place, because then is dead.It may be in Macedonia, and I say it to my friend Dimitris, it may be that we have an issue in Macedonia, but we do not have it, but in Cyprus we do have it in Northern Epirus. So let’s not confuse things and understand that when there are Greek lands with Greeks living in the occupied territories, that is our priority. After having conversations with people who are supposed to represent us and want to name areas otherwise this is another.If you want it is our fault because we choose them. No one here in Greece and Cyprus chose to occupy Northern Epirus. So we must strengthen this struggle with the rights of the Indigenous Peoples. It is of great importance because we do not understand that it is a tool that works for whatever we want and that is why I am so happy today and it is a beautiful night for this story to begin.Because we lived it and before, we lived the preparation, I saw them and when Angel said that Kostas was spending hours, you forgot to say day by day. Because you know things are done, when they are officially done at the end then we forget how they happened and we consider them normal. In a few months you will be talking about this Federation and others will think it has been around for decades.On the 28th of October you said it very well, the Federation should be present and since the stigma of the North-continent on the 28th of October is both symbolic and substantive, it is even more important that the Federation can do this anniversary together with the others showing the example, that we can resist our own forces. Thanks a lot.

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